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Animal-Assisted Therapeutic Services

Sometimes the best therapist is furry and has 4 legs.

Why Animal Assisted Therapy?

The unconditional love and acceptance that animals provide creates a wonderful therapeutic environment. Studies show that human-animal interactions decrease stress by releasing oxytocin (the love hormone). This helps us relax, trust and feel at ease.


Working with animals increases motivation and participation in therapy. Often people feel more comfortable talking, interacting or completing a challenging task when interacting with animals. 

Boy Carrying Goat

Animal-Assisted      Occupational Therapy

Whether your child needs to work on sensory processing, fine, gross, or visual motor skills, therapy animals provide a motivating and rewarding experience. Working with animals is especially useful to help build social awareness and social skills.

Boy with Calf
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Chicken Farm
Cow Eye

Mental Health Services

The animals at Wild Kid Acres help children build  trusting relationships. Working with the animals helps boost confidence, teaches children appropriate behaviors with both animals and people and improves socio-emotional functioning.

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